stretching, part 5 - haiku fun!

i stumbled upon a site about haiku poetry the other day, and it kind of inspired me...i've been thinking about posting this image for awhile, but there is a subtlety to it that i didn't think would come across on the web. but as i read up on the origins of haiku, i figured i might try to capture some of the essence of it using haiku. soooo, in the interest of having a good stretch, here are a couple that came to me this afternoon:

for a moment,
the slowly creeping fog
hides the afternoon sun


water softly washing
a thousand sculpted pebbles...
gulls cry on the wind

the thing about haiku is that anyone can do it (and, yes, it certainly has been abused as an art form on the web!) and it can be a lot of fun. the best ones come from direct experience/ memory. does this image conjure any beach memories for you and perhaps, some verse? would love to read some! feel free to stretch...