my all-time favorite analog imaging system

came back from the optometrist late last year with a clean bill of health, and this showed up in my email shortly after (one of two!). reminded me that this was my sensor. DR is awesome, color reproduction is fabulous, subtle tones, no color casts, etc., resolution is perfectly matched to the lens and the processing pipeline, and is more than enough for the standard output target. and, of course, it does video! while the processor might not be as fast for other tasks than it used to be, on the imaging front, it works perfectly well. and thankfully i haven't had an urge to upgrade at all -  not even the slightest far. i'm perfectly satisfied. yeah, sure, the sensor isn't exactly aligned properly, (design is fine, i suspect a manufacturing defect) but nothing that lenses can't that i've simplified on the  single still image digital backup/augmentation front, hopefully now i can focus on what this system does best: see. something that a camera can never do. i'm thinking that's the best way to improve my photography this year.