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Purchasing Prints

I assume that if you are reading this, there's a chance you were inspired by an image or two, and are willing to explore purchasing one. First thing you should do if you have any questions is contact me! I am more than happy to talk about any of the images...

Now, about the prints themselves... I offer 2 sizes:

An 8" by whatever(depending on the actual image). The price for this is $50.00

A 10" by whatever(depending on the actual image). The price for this is $75.00

Custom sizes (usually larger, for those of you with very big walls!) are also available. Maximum size is image-specific. I am able to print images that  fit on 17x22 inch sheets myself. I send larger sizes to an outstanding lab. These images tend to cost a bit more, and the delivery time varies with the lab's schedule...

Shipping is included. I do not mat the prints; that's up to you. I do ship them in special clear plastic sleeves with backing board, then lovingly cradled in the shipping company's packaging. If the image is damaged in shipping, I will replace it; if you get it and are not happy with it, ship it back to me within 30 days and I will refund your money. I accept Paypal (preferred) or check. Delivery time varies with my schedule, but I try to keep it under 2 weeks...(see below)

Here's all you need to do:

Send me a message via the Contact form with the name of the collection and the image (until i can convince SQS to make some mods to this template, just drag the thumbnail to your desktop and you'll see the name! sorry for the hassle), the size you want, your mailing address, phone number, method of payment, and any questions. I will get back to you with everything else you need to know!

Details: I perform all of the creative work myself. I use both digital and film capture, prepare the images for printing in an all-digital darkroom, and print them on an Epson 3800 printer using Jon Cone's Piezography Selenium K7 Inkset, which consists of 6 shades of gray -  yielding outstanding prints easily matching and even exceeding traditional silver gelatin prints. You have to see one to believe it! Of course, as with any modern pigment inkset, properly displayed prints are projected to last much longer than your current incarnation... I print on a variety of fine art papers, including Museo Silver Rag, Canson Baryta Photographique, Canson Platine Rag, Ilford Gold Fibre Silk, and Epson Exhibition.