Dalwhinnie sunset

i was sitting on the porch of a friend's new home the other evening with a glass of scotch and my iphone. a few swirls, the setting sun, and more than a few snaps yielded a number of fun images. i got to thinking about the honesty they reflect - filtering is what the brain does best, isn't it? we put all sorts of filters in front of our lives in an attempt to make our reality, what, more comfortable? more to our liking? on top of all that, we also put filters on our photography - to manipulate the supposed "reality" that we are capturing. most of us can't tell when a photo has been subtly filtered by technology, can we? yup, i think i like the honesty of the scotch filter on reality...hmmm, maybe i should try a different kind and see how that compares. could be fun, no?