crack of dune surprise

got home the other night from garapata beach and asilomar, where i had been shooting the surf from the week of storms we've had, to see an email reminder that the Black and White Spider Awards ceremony was going live online in a couple of hours. i had entered way back in may, and had forgotten all about it. i had just assumed that it was over sometime last year, and since i hadn't been notified of anything, well, you know how it is, life goes on...i was curious, of course, but went back to watching the game. later, i checked the winners, and didn't see my name anywhere. started looking at the various nominee lists, and saw one of my images! and then another. pretty sweet, even though i didn't get the big awards. given that i'm not what you would call an active player in the "art world", i was nonetheless pretty impressed with the judges, so i entered. "crack of dune" (above) made the list, as did "high drama two" from my "impermance" collection. nice surprise. took the edge off my team losing. The images are posted in the winners gallery here. (abstract: professional and nature: professional)