where were we?

yep, been awhile. been immersed in the wonderful world of revenue-generation, which has put a bit of a crimp in my photo life, at least the "standard" version of it. i've certainly tried harder to make the most of my opportunities, which mostly means just going with it, instead of fighting. the composition above is a great example. we were with some friends in Carmel to celebrate the new year. did i want to go to Point Lobos or Garapata or Big Sur? You bet. did i? nope. we all went tourist on Monterey. all 8 of us. we walked out onto the coastguard pier, and on the way back, i noticed the painted markers. not on the way out. in any event, i noticed they all had weathered in interesting ways, so started to shoot them. got to the 8th, and a young boy was fishing right in front. waited for him to move, but he didn't, so i went with it. turns out he made the whole series! a friend asked if i had taken these. he was surprised, because it's not like me. is now! nice.