Lots of lines in life, no? They seem to come in pretty handy as we go about dividing reality into "this" and "that". From the mathematical, with no thickness and infinite length, to colored lines that must not be crossed (also applies to those drawn in sand), lines in the middle of the road, lines drawn on maps, complex lines on a circuit board to simple "leading" lines in a photograph; and of course, those that we create in our own minds and then act as if they are real...examples are endless.
Waterlines are interesting lines, especially for sailors; for one can say, with a knowing smile, that these lines are where hopes and dreams meet water. From the  Tao Te Ching: "Under heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water. Yet for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is better; It has no equal." Seems to point to a constant tension that always gets resolved one way, sooner or later. Of course, this does nothing to dissuade us from trying to preserve those lines.

The waterlines depicted in this new set of images were taken over the course of three visits to the same wharf in Monterey, CA.