Point and shoot. Point and shoot. No time to think. The boat is moving, the ice seems to be moving, the light is changing. Stay calm. Composition on the fly. Like a fish striking a lure, some shape registers in your brain, some surreal hue of blue flashes, and you press the shutter. No time for chimping. It is an exercise in concentration and letting go. You hope for a pleasant surprise later, even though you probably made a mental note of ones you really liked... In spite of the immediacy of shooting digital, I prefer to wait to see what I recorded, once, of course, I make sure the technical aspects are covered. Jeff Grandy once told me that he likes to wait sometimes weeks or months to look at his images, to help create distance between his potential attachment to the image and his ability to view it with fresh eyes. Makes it easier for him to answer the question, "would I stop and admire this image if it were hanging on a wall somewhere?" Great advice. This trip, I brought no laptop, much to the surprise of my companions. I managed to wait almost 2 weeks this time. Imagine that.