he was just here a moment ago...

Felix C. Alfano

he loved spaghetti and meatballs with warm, crusty italian bread on sundays,
and strawberry shortcake whenever he could get it.
he loved for everything to be where he last left it.
he loved shoes, especially if they were on sale.
he loved music, especially mariachi music, which may come as a surprise to some - it did to me.
he loved the eloquence, the subtly, and precision of language,
and he loved to make a shorter toast into a longer toast.
he loved a glass of good  scotch.
he loved the game of golf and the promise of the first tee on a cool summer's morning .
he loved his family and he loved his friends, and most importantly,
he loved us when we made it easy, and he loved us when we made it hard.

thanks, Dad, for showing us how to love.