a couple of things.

first, i think i'm turning Black and White. i really think so. as you may have noticed, i've been creating more work in B&W than in color for some time now. I've actually started to see in B&W - at least for now by generating B&W jpgs in camera. what does this mean? now i can view what an image will look like in BW right away, so i can judge the image on the tonal structure and composition and not be as "distracted" by color. it's always about seeing differently, eh? stay tuned.

second, got to love dunes...they're so, so...life-like! just add some low angle light, and let the fun begin. you want subtle, got it. high drama? yep. grand vistas? check. intimate worlds? bien sur.  i've just added significantly to my gallery "impermanence" where you can find my dune images. all shots from my recent trip to the Great Sand Dunes NP in Colorado. love to hear what you think.